Thailand go to Kodu World Challenge 2013

946603_10200411122534653_1031267475_nI participated as a speaker in the KODU Game Development Training at the Auditorium 1-3 Microsoft THAILAND on May 4, 2013.

This training is to provide knowledge and skills of using KODU to representatives of teachers and students from around THAILAND, for making their own KODU games to contest Imagine Cup KODU World Challenge 2013.


I spoke on the topic of creativity. I applied knowledge and skills of making a short film to create a KODU game.


Students and teachers have expressed their creativity and enjoyed with the activities.


Mr.Supoet Srinutapong Academic Program Manager of Microsoft THAILAND demonstrated KODU software.



I hope they can make a funny game and benefit to society by their KODU games.


I thank Microsoft THAILAND for this event. It is very useful for teachers and students.

About teemtaro

i'm a teacher. i've found this web site from application of Social Media :) lol. i hope to understand it and teach my children to use in the next semester.

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  1. ปิยะพงษ์ เสนสอาด

    good afternoon
    my name is piyaphohg Sansaard m3/3 no.12

  2. นาย ยุธวัน อาริภันฑ์

    good afternoon my name is Yuthawan Aniphan m.3/3 no.6


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